Career paths in the finance sector that might spark your interest

There are a plethora of jobs available within the finance sector, and they range considerably with opportunities open to graduates and non-graduates alike. If you’re considering a new career path within the sector and you’re contemplating your options, here are some ideas.


Jobs in the finance sector for non-graduates

One of the most common routes of entry into the world of finance for non-graduates is to work as a bank teller. After working as a cashier and gaining experience, you can take things up a notch by becoming a senior cashier and eventually, taking on the role as a bank manager.


Once you manage to obtain the role of a bank manager, you can apply for specialised roles like card services or operational manager before reaching the top of the banking ladder as a Vice President and then Chief Executive.


Of course, you can also head into the financial services side of things, starting out as a Financial Adviser. Advisers have a lot of senior positions into which they can move. If you choose to start out as an Account Clerk, you might be able to qualify as an Accounting Technician before considering alternative career paths such as Internal Auditor, Finance Controller or Tax Analyst.


Then there’s one last popular choice for non-graduates, and that is the position of an Actuary. After you’ve completed your professional qualifications, you can progress to a managerial role relatively quickly where you’ll be able to specialise in areas like life insurance healthcare, or risk management.

Jobs in the finance sector for graduates

If you’ve graduated with a degree in finance, then you’ll probably start off on a fast track training program that can take you into a managerial position. As a qualified bank manager, you can follow the specialist-to-vice-president career path.


Should you choose to become an investment analyst, it only makes sense that you take the road that leads to becoming a fund manager before moving into an associate position.


If you’re a newly qualified accountant, you might find yourself moving into a senior accountant role or that of a financial controller or auditor before working towards your goal of becoming a chartered accountant.  After becoming a chartered accountant, you’ll have the opportunity of taking on a role as a finance director.


Where to now?

After reading through this information and learning more about what’s available, you might be left wondering what to do now. The good news is that we have an abundance of career advice articles that can help you learn more about the finance sector and even help you find the best jobs within the field of finance.

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