How well does South Africa’s tourism sector really pay?

With the world being easier to explore than ever before, the tourism industry is booming. The same applies to the job prospects in the industry. But do tourism employees in South Africa get paid just as well as those across the world? Let’s take a look at who earns what in the tourism industry of SA.


The stats on SA tourist job salaries

Hotel Manager

Tourists have to sleep somewhere, and the hotel manager is in charge of ensuring guest satisfaction. These professionals work well under pressure and manage their team of hotel staff like it’s their second nature. It’s also the manager’s job to ensure the hotel makes a profit at the end of the day. For their dedication and hard work, hotel managers earn up to R235,429 per month. In the UK, hotel managers take home the equivalent of R538,366 per year.


Head Chef

Tourists don’t want to spend their time cooking while they’re on holiday, so someone needs to take care of the matter. Chefs run tight ships and manage their cooking teams like pros, always producing the best local cuisine. The best of the bunch in this industry can look to earn up to R178,460 per year, which is very sad when compared to the average head chef in the UK that takes home R446,451 per year.


Event planners

The tourism industry is not all fun and games. Events and conferences make up a big chunk of the industry, and they require the input from a dedicated professional to really go down in style. Event planners are tasked with venue sourcing, accommodation arrangements, catering plans and setting up itineraries for extended conferences. For their time and energy spent, South African event planners can take home up to R367,677 annually. If you live and work in the UK, your title can help you bag up to R516,760 per year.


Tour Guides

Showing people around landmarks and natural attractions can see you bringing home a healthy dose of bacon, but it all depends on where you’re based. Tour guides that can speak a variety of languages know basic first aid and can drive people around get paid much more than those who just have the gift of the gab and love working with people. On average, a South African tour guide earns R209,723 per year, and that can increase considerably if you bring a few more skills to the table. In the UK, they’re paying tour guides up to R448,505 per year.


The tourism industry in SA might be booming, but the salaries sure don’t reflect that!

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